2021 Awards

2021 Film Trend Report

The report provides film trends and industry
insights, analyzed from actual audience’s data by AI.

Why we publish the Film Trends Report

Maimovie's Film Trends Report aims to deliver film trends and market insights to the general public, based on the actual audience's data analyzed and curated by impartial AI.

Unlike other awards and rankings where judgement is made by the standards established by only a few juries, Maimovie's 2021 U.S. Film Trends Report provides results from evaluating the opinion of actual individuals.

With AI learning data-driven representation of opinions from audience's reviews and social data available online, Maimovie strives to create representative and unbiased awards for movies.

How our Film Trends Report is different

Based on data, our awards reflect issues that are highly relevant to 2021 such as "The Greatest Sports Movies of All Time," and "Life Beyond Climate Disasters"... "The Comedies with Whimsical Characters Making Smart and Witty Dialogues."

What’s included in the report

  • - 2021 trending tastes and top ranking movies
  • - Top movies in popular genres
  • - Top movies in 9 movie taste categories
  • - Top registration requests to 3 major streaming platforms
  • - People-powered rankings for actors and directors

Top Trending Movie Rankings

The report shows top ranking movies reflecting prominent 2021 trends.

Unique Tastes About All Movies, Cast and Crew

The report shows top casts and movie tastes pertaining to the movies they starred in.

The top 10 movie tastes associated with all movies show the key characteristics just like reading summarized reviews.

10 movie taste categories -> The 9 movie taste categories

How the award winners are determined

Award winners were determined based on the usage of context-aware taste rankings modeled from semantic and syntactic analysis on key expressions found in actual user responses. The data-driven and expressive nature of our movie tastes allow Maimovie to curate unbiased rankings for the unique and niche preferences of our users.

We select award winners based solely on Maimovie Taste rankings in order to prohibit rankings to be hinged by opinions of a few. Trending Taste Awards, Taste Category Awards, and People's Choice Awards were modeled using changing trends in 2021 movie tastes. For better comprehensibility, our scores were normalized within a 0 to 100 scale.

Download the full contents of our comprehensive Film Trends Report for free! Download the full contents of our comprehensive Film Trends Report for free!