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The Astro-Zombies

1968-05-19 | Horror / Science Fiction

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For devilishly mad "astro-scientist" Dr. DeMarco (John Carradine), a typical day involves run-ins with reanimated corpses, bloodthirsty solar-powered killer robot zombies, Chinese communist spies and vicious Mexican secret agents. But when a bloody trail of young female murder victims leads an intrepid CIA agent to his door, things get really interesting. Ted V. Mikels directs this unique B horror-thriller.
Director: Ted V. Mikels
Stars: Wendell Corey, John Carradine

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The Astro-Zombies FAQ

On September 03, 2021, there were 4530 public reaction to The Astro-Zombies including painfully boring, painfully dull, downright boring, awfully boring, boring and uneventful.
The casts of The Astro-Zombies are Wendell Corey starring as Holman, John Carradine starring as Dr. DeMarco, Tom Pace starring as Eric Porter, Joan Patrick starring as Janine Norwalk, Tura Satana starring as Satana, Rafael Campos starring as Juan.
The production budget of The Astro-Zombies was 37,000 USD.
The director of The Astro-Zombies is Ted V. Mikels.
The runtime of The Astro-Zombies is 91 minutes.
The genre of The Astro-Zombies is Horror,Science Fiction,Crime.
The full version of The Astro-Zombies is provided by Tubi TV , Amazon Prime Video , Amazon Video , Kanopy
The release date of The Astro-Zombies is May 19, 1968.
On September 03, 2021, the IMDB rating of The Astro-Zombies is 3.3/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 0/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 3.0/10.