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Curse of Aurore

2020-07-24 | Horror / Mystery
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A “Dark Web” thumb drive reveals footage of three American filmmakers in rural Quebec researching a historic child murder case. After witnessing several disturbing paranormal occurrences, they attempt to communicate with the spirit of the child.
Executive Producer: Mehran Torgoley
Stars: Llana Barron, Lex Wilson

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Negative 54%

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Film Awards

2 wins 5 nominations
out of 8,085 movie awards
  • Ravenheart Film Festival

    Best Actress

  • Unnamed Footage Festival

    Best Ensemble

  • Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival

    Best Picture



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Curse of Aurore FAQ

The casts of Curse of Aurore are Llana Barron starring as Lena, Lex Wilson starring as Aaron, Jordan Kaplan starring as Kevin, Agathe Salzmann starring as Chantal, Roxane Delisle starring as Blanche, Michael Smith starring as Mr. Gagnon.
The certification of Curse of Aurore is NR.
The release date of Curse of Aurore is July 24, 2020.
The director of Curse of Aurore is Mehran Torgoley.
On January 20, 2023, there were 4650 public reaction to Curse of Aurore including deserve to be watched, genuinely terrifying, eyes glued to screen, shocking climax, nonchalant .
On January 20, 2023, the IMDB rating of Curse of Aurore is 4.7/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 71/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 5.0/10.
The full version of Curse of Aurore is provided by Tubi TV , The Roku Channel , Apple iTunes , Google Play Movies , Vudu , Amazon Prime Video , Amazon Video , Microsoft Store , YouTube
The runtime of Curse of Aurore is 90 minutes.
The genre of Curse of Aurore is Horror,Mystery.
Curse of Aurore won 2022 Ravenheart Film Festival, 2022 Unnamed Footage Festival.