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Stormy Weather

1943-07-21 | Music
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Dancing great Bill Williamson sees his face on the cover of Theatre World magazine and reminisces: Just back from World War I, he meets lovely singer Selina Rogers at a soldiers' ball and promises to come back to her when he "gets to be somebody." Years go by, and Bill and Selina's rising careers intersect only briefly, since Selina is unwilling to settle down. Will she ever change her mind? Concludes with a big all-star show hosted by Cab Calloway.

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Stormy Weather FAQ

The full version of Stormy Weather is provided by Apple iTunes , Google Play Movies , Vudu , Amazon Video , Microsoft Store , YouTube , AMC on Demand , DIRECTV , TCM
The runtime of Stormy Weather is 78 minutes.
The release date of Stormy Weather is July 21, 1943.
The genre of Stormy Weather is Music.
The certification of Stormy Weather is NR.
The director of Stormy Weather is Andrew L. Stone.
On July 08, 2024, there were 4805 public reaction to Stormy Weather including tremendously talented, tuneful, redoubtable, musically talented actor, rocking.
On July 08, 2024, the IMDB rating of Stormy Weather is 7.3/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 95/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 7.0/10.
The revenue of Stormy Weather was 1,600,000 USD.
The casts of Stormy Weather are Lena Horne starring as Selina Rogers, Bill Robinson starring as Bill Williamson, Cab Calloway starring as Cab Calloway, Katherine Dunham starring as Katherine Dunham, Fats Waller starring as 'Fats' Waller, Fayard Nicholas starring as Dancer.