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2023-05-19 | Drama
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A minor traffic citation spirals into an all-consuming obsession for a neurotic young woman.

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Retrograde FAQ

The genre of Retrograde is Drama.
The full version of Retrograde is provided by Vudu , Tubi TV , Disney Plus , Hulu
The casts of Retrograde are Molly Reisman starring as Molly, Sofia Banzhaf starring as Gabrielle, Bessie Cheng starring as Rose, Meelad Moaphi starring as Caleb, Dean Tardioli starring as Dean, Erik Anderson starring as Michael.
The certification of Retrograde is NR.
A minor traffic citation spirals into an all-consuming obsession for a neurotic young woman..
The director of Retrograde is Adrian Murray.
The release date of Retrograde is May 19, 2023.
On July 19, 2024, the IMDB rating of Retrograde is 6.7/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 89/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 2.0/10.
The runtime of Retrograde is 74 minutes.