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BoJack Horseman 3

2016-07-22 | Comedy,Drama,Animation | 12 episodes
"Secretariat" is a huge success, and BoJack's finally feeling his oats. But when it comes to his personal life, everything he touches turns to manure.

7 Seasons


Start Spreading the News (2016)

Ana Spanakopita sends BoJack to New York to do interviews, and Todd tags along. Princess Carolyn tells Mr. Peanutbutter to get back to work.

Start Spreading the News poster

Directed By

JC Gonzalez


Joe Lawson

The BoJack Horseman Show (2016)

In 2007, Princess Carolyn finds a new project for BoJack, Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter at the coffee shop where she works, and Todd kisses a girl.

The BoJack Horseman Show poster

Directed By

Adam Parton


Vera Santamaria

BoJack Kills (2016)

BoJack is framed for the murder of a Whale World dancer. Mr. Peanutbutter and Todd get into a stinky situation with the skunk next door.

BoJack Kills poster

Directed By

Amy Winfrey


Kelly Galuska

Fish Out Of Water (2016)

BoJack takes an underwater trip to the Pacific Ocean Film Festival for the “Secretariat” premiere, where he tries to reach out to Kelsey.

Fish Out Of Water poster

Directed By

Mike Hollingsworth


Elijah Aron

Love And/Or Marriage (2016)

While Todd and BoJack crash a rehearsal dinner, Diane gets high with a client. Princess Carolyn goes on a series of blind dates.

Love And/Or Marriage poster

Directed By

JC Gonzalez


Peter Knight


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