Key visual of Final Space 3

Final Space 3

2021-03-20 | Animation,Action & Adventure,Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Comedy | 13 episodes

3 Seasons



...And Into The Fire (2021)

After a escaping a near death encounter with Invictus, The Team Squad begins their quest home inside the core of an unknown planet.

...And Into The Fire poster

The Hidden Light (2021)

Gary and Quinn encounter Earth's last survivor and search for a ship so that they can save the others lost in Final Space.

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The Ventrexian (2021)

The Lord Commander tries to pry information about Mooncake's whereabouts out of Avocato. Quinn keeps her sickness a secret from Gary.

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One of Us (2021)

Gary hatches another hair-brained plan to rescue his crew.

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All the Moments Lost (2021)

Final Space is such a hole. I mean like its the biggest hole in the universe. Like weight of a thousand suns kind of hole. What I'm getting at is we are being sucked into a black hole and we're all definitely about to die.

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