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The King: Eternal Monarch 1

2020-04-17 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama | 16 episodes

2 Seasons


Episode 1 (2020)

Lee Gon mourns the tragic death of his father. Lee Lim goes on the run — and finds escape when he comes across a door to a parallel universe.

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Episode 2 (2020)

Gon insists he is an emperor from another world. An incredulous Jeong Tae-eul takes him to the police station, where he sees a familiar face.

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Episode 3 (2020)

Though Tae-eul finds Gon's story difficult to believe, some things about him are completely inexplicable. At work, she gets busy with a murder case.

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Episode 4 (2020)

When Tae-eul loses her police badge, she can't help but think about Gon. Meanwhile, Kang Sin-jae has had it with his mother's bad habits.

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Episode 5 (2020)

Being introduced to Gon's world is a lot to process for Tae-eul, who's taken to the palace. A disgruntled Jo Yeong keeps an eye on her.

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