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La Llorona

2019-07-25 | Thriller / Horror
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Accused of the genocide of Mayan people, retired general Enrique is trapped in his mansion by massive protests. Abandoned by his staff, the indignant old man and his family must face the devastating truth of his actions and the growing sense that a wrathful supernatural force is targeting them for his crimes.
Executive Producer: Jayro Bustamante
Stars: María Mercedes Coroy, Sabrina De La Hoz

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La Llorona FAQ

La Llorona won 2019 Venice Film Festival, 2021 CinEuphoria Awards, 2021 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, 2021 Hollywood Critics Association, 2021 Latino Entertainment Journalists Association Film Awards, 2021 National Board of Review, USA, 2021 San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle, 2021 Satellite Awards, 2021 The Platino Awards for Iberoamerican Cinema, 2021 Women Film Critics Circle Awards and 7 others.
On January 20, 2023, there were 4963 public reaction to La Llorona including slow and plodding, incredibly slow, unearthly, ominous tone, big boost to director.
The certification of La Llorona is NR.
The runtime of La Llorona is 97 minutes.
The casts of La Llorona are María Mercedes Coroy starring as Alma, Sabrina De La Hoz starring as Natalia, Margarita Kénefic starring as Carmen, Julio Díaz starring as Enrique, María Telón starring as Valeriana, Juan Pablo Olyslager starring as Letona.
On January 20, 2023, the IMDB rating of La Llorona is 6.6/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 96/100, Metacritic rating is 79/100, TMDB rating is 6.0/10.
The full version of La Llorona is provided by Apple iTunes , Google Play Movies , Vudu , Amazon Video , Microsoft Store , Shudder , YouTube , fuboTV , Redbox , DIRECTV
The director of La Llorona is Jayro Bustamante.
The genre of La Llorona is Thriller,Horror,Drama.
The release date of La Llorona is July 25, 2019.