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Post Mortem

2021-10-28 | Horror / Mystery
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A post mortem photographer and a little girl confront ghosts in a haunted village after the First World War.
Executive Producer: Péter Bergendy
Stars: Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais

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27 wins 51 nominations
out of 8,150 movie awards
  • Grimmfest

    Best Feature Film

  • Grimmfest

    Best SFX

  • Horrorant Film Festival 'Fright Nights'

    Best Screenplay



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Post Mortem FAQ

The genre of Post Mortem is Horror,Mystery,Thriller.
The runtime of Post Mortem is 115 minutes.
The director of Post Mortem is Péter Bergendy.
The release date of Post Mortem is October 28, 2021.
On January 30, 2023, there were 4147 public reaction to Post Mortem including haunting, eerie tone, inexperienced actor, non-sensical plot, well-orchestrated.
The casts of Post Mortem are Viktor Klem starring as Tomás, Fruzsina Hais starring as Anna, Judit Schell starring as Marcsa, Zsolt Anger starring as Imre, Andrea Ladányi starring as Néni, Reviczky Gábor starring as Öreg.
The full version of Post Mortem is provided by Google Play Movies , Vudu , Microsoft Store , YouTube , fuboTV
A post mortem photographer and a little girl confront ghosts in a haunted village after the First World War..
Post Mortem won 2022 Grimmfest, 2022 Horrorant Film Festival 'Fright Nights', 2021 C-FEM Murcian Fantastic European Film Festival, 2021 Fantasporto, 2021 Hungarian Film Week, 2021 Parma International Music Film Festival, IT, 2021 Ravenna Nightmare, 2021 Toronto After Dark Film Festival, 2020 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival.